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May 31, 2024

- Trump's rigged trial, with reactions from Trump and Attorney General Paxton of Texas. (0:03)
- US allowing Ukraine to use US missiles to strike deep within Russia. (18:56)
- Biden pushing the world toward US-Russia nuclear war. (23:19)
- Liberal Boston mayor to decriminalize shoplifting, larceny, breaking & entering...

May 30, 2024

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- Lawsuit against govt & tech for censorship. (0:03)
- Food sustainability and Southwest Airlines' power outage delays flights. (2:10)
- Outdated technology in various industries, including retail and banking. (7:13)
- McDonald's...

May 29, 2024

- #BRICS membership bid and #dollar collapse. (0:00)
- Functional mushroom powder and apricot seeds. (4:27)
- US-Israel relations, Gaza bombing, and war crimes. (9:39)
- Health freedom, #vaccine mandates, and federal taxes. (18:59)
- #SIDS is the cover story for vaccine-induced infant deaths. (24:00)
- Police detective...

May 28, 2024

- Lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Twitter, and government agencies for #censorship. (0:03)
- Growing fruit trees for self-sufficiency and economic resilience. (17:46)
- Financial slavery and finding freedom through alternative platforms like Brighteon. (35:06)
- Potential war between Europe and Russia, with the EU...

May 27, 2024

- Government #censorship collusion through NGOs and big tech platforms. (0:03)
- Lawsuit against #Google, #Facebook, #Twitter, and government agencies for censorship and collusion. (4:01)
- Government censorship and propaganda, with a focus on the First Amendment and the importance of free speech. (13:53)
- Elon Musk's...